Spray application

Avocados are sprayed with a range of agrichemicals including insecticides, fungicides and foliar fertilisers. The term agrichemical includes non-hazardous and hazardous materials. Agrichemicals are applied to control pests and disease in avocados trees and to support nutrient foliar feeding of the tree. For more information on spraying your orchard please download the spraying chapter from the grower manual below.

Regional plans 

Regional councils set out rules and requirements for agrichemical spraying in their Regional Plans. These plans are specific to each region. Growers are encouraged to keep up to date with any changes to the Regional Plans by clicking here.

Orchard spray plans

Learn more about your responsibilities of developing a spray plan for your property on the Growsafe website.

Agrichemical policy and consultation

Restricted entry intervals (REI’s)

        • WorkSafe is seeking industry feedback as they update Restricted Entry Intervals (REI’s) across a number of agrichemical products.
        • REI’s were previously set by the EPA however WorkSafe are going through this process to transfer the REI’s under Health & Safety Work Act.
        • Industry has formally submitted on this topic and it is our hope that where WorkSafe decides to set new REI’s, they are scientifically justified, protect worker safety and are practical to implement.

The industry submission is available here

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