Do pests still need to be monitored and protocols followed if a grower is NOT going to China?

What do we do about mealybug and scale insects as there are no industry approved sprays?

What is the required AvoGreen paperwork for growers (in general as well as for China)?

Is it worth exporting to China and when will growers see the value coming in?

Why is China concerned with mealybug when other pest do more damage (e.g. Passionvine hopper)

There is a concern that the report for China doesn’t have beneficial insects and a lot of growers like to know what good bugs are in their orchard.

Why isn’t there one report that all AvoGreen monitors use so everyone in the industry has the same one?

How do we monitor for thrips, both Green House Thrips (GHT) and Flower Thrips (FT)?

In regards to the requirements for China, what does it mean to do a re-monitor if a pest threshold is met or exceeded for china? This concept of monitoring if no spray is applied is confusing.

When an unmonitored spray is applied, where do the monitors write this?

If LR are found in a pre-harvest quarantine monitor and the grower doesn’t spray as the fruit is due to be harvested, is there any point in monitoring?

Many small growers are finding it too overwhelming now to undertake the monitoring themselves.


What monitoring sheets can be used?

What must Operators have for each grower that they monitor?

What will be required by monitors and operators?


How will we register to pack for China?

Where can these registration forms be found?

How will growers eligible for China export be chosen?

What is expected of a Packhouse in terms of traceability at packing?

What happens if pests of concern are found on avocados during the packing process for China?