Protecting industry growth

NZ Avocado continues to undertake work to secure the future of the New Zealand avocado industry by collaboratively preparing for and effectively responding to new pest incursions.

For information on the NZ Avocado biosecurity strategies please download the below.

Everyone involved in the avocado industry has a role in protecting New Zealand from biosecurity threats

Members of the industry are best placed to notice unusual insects or disease symptoms and provide early warning. If you do see something suspicious, please take a photo TELL SOMEONE and ensure you GET AN ANSWER of what it might be. This could be as simple as your consultant, packhouse liaison or sharing it with NZ Avocado or through the First Detector Facebook page

The MPI Exotic Pests and Disease Pest Hotline 0800 80 99 66 is also available 24 hours to confidentially report suspected pests.

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