Avocado Exporters Council Inc (AVEC) is an incorporated society made up of New Zealand avocado exporters who are registered with NZ Avocado and licensed under HEA.

Two AVEC members must be nominated and approved as Directors on the NZ Avocado Board.

Excerpt from the incorporation document of AVEC:

  1. Objects of the Association
    1. To promote, foster and establish unity and co operation amongst Exporters.
    2. To represent the interests of Exporters to any person or organisation to which those views should be represented.
    3. To engage with and enhance the relationship between Exporters and Growers.
    4. To promote and enhance the orderly marketing of avocados in export markets.
    5. To foster the development of new export markets.
    6. To maximise the monetary returns to Growers and Exporters.
    7. To act as a forum for discussing issues that have an impact on the export of New Zealand avocados.
    8. To collect and disseminate information that is of interest to the Members.
    9. To elect from its Members representatives to be directors on the NZ Avocado.3.8 To support and promote, through its representation on the NZ Avocado, the objects and functions of the NZ Avocado including in particular:
      1. Maintaining recognition of NZ Avocado as a product group under HEA.
      2. and review of the export marketing strategy (EMS) for avocados.
    10. Representing agreed positions to and acting as a point of contact and liaison with the NZ Avocado, AGA, HEA, Government and other bodies in relation to the export of avocados.
    11. Generally do all such things as the Association may from time to time consider beneficial to its members.

The AVEC Independent Chair is Jim Tarawa