NZ Avocado staff

For help and general questions please email:

For spray diary or PPIN questions, call 07 571 6147 

Jen Scoular | Chief Executive Officer

The NZAGA & NZ Avocado Board task Jen with developing and implementing a strategy to optimise profitability while growing a strong industry.
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Glenys Parton | Technical Director, Industry Systems

Glenys manages the industry quality and export systems, including AvoGreen. She currently facilitates fruit quality research and agrichemical efficacy assessment.

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Brad Siebert | Technical Director

Brad manages the day-to-day of the NZ Avocado Primary Growth Partnership programme: NZ Avocados Go Global, and works to ensure the industry has a well considered biosecurity plan to protect the New Zealand avocado industry.

| Phone 021 804 847 | Email |

Bevan Jelley | Market Manager

Bevan works closely with exporters and NZ marketers to optimise grower investment in market development, and manages promotional activity in our key markets.

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Anna Livingston | Market Manager

Anna provides support with promotional activities across export markets and in the NZ market with a focus on digital marketing.

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Melissa Conrad | Communications Manager

Melissa manages the stakeholder and corporate communications activities and events for NZ Avocado. She coordinates the development and creation of industry publications such as AvoScene and Avoconnect, while also managing the organisations growers facebook page.

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Phillip West | Research Director

Phillip works with growers on orchard trials, while also managing projects within the NZ Avocado Research Programme, analysing data and communicating results to growers.

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Sarah Sorensen | Sustainability Manager

Sarah is the project manager and oversees on orchard fruit quality projects.

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Sarah Hughes

Sarah is the Business Accountant for NZ Avocado and oversees the finance and IT functions across the team.

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Genevieve Whitson | Corporate Services Associate

Genevieve is the Corporate Services Associate at NZ Avocado. She works closely with CEO, Jen Scoular and the wider team to support a variety of projects. These include Board meetings and governance, managing annual planning timelines and undertaking activities to progress delivery.

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Miguel Tapia | Research Engineer

Miguel provides support with research activity, data analysis and engagement with growers within the NZ Avocado research portfolio.

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Catherine Wilks | Industry Systems Associate

Cat provides support with industry systems and supports growers with the spray diary, export registrations, compliance and quality.

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Sonica van Heerden | Receptionist & Data Administrator

Sonica assists with PPIN Applications, Non-propagation agreements and any administration tasks.

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