NZ Avocado staff

For help and general questions please email:

For spray diary or PPIN questions, call 07 571 6147 

Brad Siebert | CEO

| Phone 021 804 847 | Email |

Glenys Parton | Technical Director, Industry Systems

Glenys manages the industry quality and export systems, including AvoGreen. She currently facilitates fruit quality research and agrichemical efficacy assessment.

| Mobile 027 499 7081 | Email |

Sunmeet Bhatia | Industry Systems Associate

Sunmeet supports Industry Systems including AvoGreen, spray diary, export registrations, and compliance. He also helps facilitate fruit Quality related research at NZ Avocado.

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Phillip West | Research Manager

Phillip works with growers on orchard trials, while also managing projects within the NZ Avocado Research Programme, analysing data and communicating results to growers.

| Mobile 021 706 504 | Email |

Miguel Tapia | Research Engineer

Miguel provides support with research activity, data analysis and engagement with growers within the NZ Avocado research portfolio.

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Sumelia van der Linde | Business Manager

Sumelia is the Business Manager for NZ Avocado and oversees the finance, accounts, and IT functions

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Rebecca Wadey | Financial Associate

Rebecca manages the financial tasks, supports growers and visitors, and ensures smooth operations by handling accounts, invoices and payments.

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Matthew Ball | Marketing and Communications Manager

Matthew oversees promotional activities, market development and the communications at NZ Avocado.

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Rose Fallow | Marketing and Communications Associate

Rose provides assistance for marketing and communications, with a focus on Avoscene and event support.

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Anna Livingston | Market Manager

Anna overseas the development of export markets and digital marketing.