Contract harvesters

Under the Food Act 2014, contract harvesters are not required to have a third party audited food safety program to harvest avocados unless they are transporting fruit (e.g. from orchard to packshed).

Contract harvesters transporting fruit will need to meet the requirements of National Programme 1 or equivalent. Global G.A.P or NZGAP are recognised under the Food Act as equivalent to National Programme 1. Those contract harvesters intending to transport avocados need to apply for registration under the Food Act 2014 by:

• Registering under National Programme 1 with their local council
• Registering a multi-site business (crossing council boundaries) with MPI

Additionally, exporters may require contract harvesters to have a food safety program as a requirement of their retail program regardless of whether they are transporting fruit.

NZ Avocado provides a directory of contract harvesters for growers. To register as a contract harvester with NZ Avocado fill in the form below.

Contract harvester registration form