If you would like to communicate with the board – please use the newly created address at:  avoboard@nzavocado.co.nz

We also encourage you to inform us if there are other channels which would enhance communications such as email and Facebook.

Alistair Young

NZAGA Chair, NZAGA Executive, South & NZAIL Director

Email alistair.young@nzavocado.co.nz | Mobile 0274929486 |

Anna St george

NZAGA Vice-chair, NZAGA Executive North & NZAIL Director

Email anna@jordanstgeorge.co.nz | Mobile 021 654 926 |

Andrew Darling

NZAGA Executive South & NZAIL Director

Email andrew@darlinggroup.co.nz | Mobile 021 497 666 |

Carol Palmer

NZAGA Executive South & NZAIL Director

Email caroljpalmer24@gmail.com | Mobile 021 992 006 |

Blair Morris

NZAGA Executive North & NZAIL Director

Email Blair@spl.nz | Mobile 027 525 2560 |

Jim Tarawa

AVEC Representative & NZAIL Director

Jim joined the NZ Avocado Board in 2018 as an AVEC Representative. Jim works as the Avocado & Subtropical Program Manager at Freshmax NZ Ltd and has a wealth of longstanding knowledge across the horticulture sector. He has specifically been involved with avocados in the post-harvest and export sectors for over 22 years.

Email | jtarawa@freshmax.co.nz Mobile 027 274 7076 |

Henry McIntosh

AVEC Representative and NZAIL Director

Henry joined the NZ Avocado Board in July 2022 as an AVEC Representative. Henry is part of the Export Marketing team at Southern Produce and AVOCO, primarily focused on developing the Asian markets as well as assisting in Australia.

Email | henry@southernproduce.co.nz Mobile 027 255 5073|