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Media frequently asked questions

What is the New Zealand avocado industry worth?

In 2013 the New Zealand avocado industry set a goal to enable all avocados to be sold at value and for net sales to reach $280m by 2023.

Total industry sales value has grown from $60.4m NZD in 2013 to $152m in 2017, with a record value of $200m NZD achieved in 2016. Total export sales for New Zealand avocados have grown from $31.6M NZD in 2013 to 104.7M in 2017. Domestic market sales of New Zealand avocados have grown from 28.7M NZD in 2013 to $44.3M NZD in 2017.

For further financial information please go to the latest annual report here

Where can I find the latest information about the New Zealand avocado industry?

For up-to-date information, please see our media release page here

Where are the main growing regions for avocados in New Zealand?

The main growing districts are the Bay of Plenty and Northland including Mid North and Far North, with additional areas including Auckland, Gisborne, Opotiki and Taranaki.

When do avocados grow in New Zealand?

The New Zealand avocado season runs from August to February.  As with all fresh produce, prices fluctuate with the supply throughout the year and avocado volumes vary from season to season.

How many avocado growers do we have in New Zealand?

In 2017-18, 1,865 avocado Growers were registered as members of NZAGA, 1,060 producing orchards were registered with NZ Avocado as producing for export.

Why does the price of New Zealand avocados fluctuate?

All avocados eaten in New Zealand are grown in New Zealand and demand for avocados in New Zealand has increased as more people discover their amazing health benefits and versatility. Prices for avocados in New Zealand can change as a result of supply and demand. As with all fresh produce, prices fluctuate with the supply throughout the year and avocado volumes vary from season to season. Check out the video below for more information.

What is NZ Avocado doing about avocado theft?

NZ Avocado is aware of thefts throughout the off-season of avocados from orchards throughout New Zealand.

NZ Avocado use our grower communication networks to ensure growers are aware of thefts and remain vigilant across orchard security. NZ Avocado works with the NZ Police to provide information where possible and we advise growers to contact the NZ Police in the case of theft or suspicious activity. Theft signs are also distributed and available to growers for display on orchard.

Shoppers in New Zealand can do their bit by understanding the signs of avocado theft. All avocados harvested in New Zealand are clipped, leaving a small stalk “button”. If the avocado stalk looks very long, or if there is a hole where the stalk should be, it is possible the avocados have been stolen.

For more information on theft please click here

Where do avocados from New Zealand get exported to and when?

New Zealand’s export season depends on fruit maturity and typically begins in late August and continues through to late March the following year. Avocados are marketed throughout the year on the New Zealand market.

80% of NZ exported avocados are sent to Australia. We also export to Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and India. In 2018 we exported fruit to China for the first time.

What are the health benefits of New Zealand avocados?

Avocados are a natural super food containing 19 different vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients. Avocados are grown on a tree, not in a factory. Demand for avocados in New Zealand has increased in recent years as consumers discover more about their amazing taste, health benefits and their versatility.

For more nutritional information click here