Tree phenology

Pruning and canopy manage

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Educational webinars

Field day recap July 2024

Soil moisture management webinar September 2023

Best practise on orchard August 2023

Tree Health July 2023

Fertiliser considerations June 2023

Six spotted mite webinar with Alison Mathews. 26 October 2022

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Irregular bearing and canopy management webinar with Phillip West, Research Manager, NZ Avocado and Nick Gould, Science Team Leader Kiwifruit and Subtropical Physiology, Plant and Food Research

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Pollination webinar with Phillip West, Research Manager and John Wiessing, Avocado grower and Beekeeper

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Productivity research webinar with Phillip West, Research Manager, NZ Avocado

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Soil moisture and irrigation management with Phillip West, Research Manager and Brad Siebert, Programme and Biosecurity Manager, NZ Avocado

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On orchard quality projects with Sarah Sorensen, Sustainability Manager, NZ Avocado

Sustainability & Resource Management webinar with Brad Siebert, Programme & Biosecurity Manager, NZ Avocado and Rowan Scott, Environmental Monitoring Officer, Northland Regional Council

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Zoom morning tea events

Zoom morning tea with John Tyas, CEO of Avocados Australia

A summary of John Tyas’ comments from the NZ Avocado Zoom morning tea on Wednesday 28th July follow below:

  • 2021 has been a tough year for Australian growers with supply well up on previous years. New plantings coming online, very good growing conditions in last 12 months.
  • Current market conditions are very tough, Australian growers are seeing the lowest returns they’ve ever seen.
  • Retail pricing sitting at around half what would normally be seen in Australia at this time of year.
  • A further increase in weekly avocado supply volumes is expected in the coming months. Consumer demand is also expected to increase as the weather warms. Expecting 600,000 trays a week for extended periods throughout spring.
  • Australian avocado growers levy investment into promotions for this year has been up weighted to $4million AUD in response to the market conditions with potential for an additional $1m.
  • Australian growers feeling quite stressed – worst prices they’ve ever had, biggest labour costs they’ve ever had and not sure if they’ll be able to get all their crop off.
  • Harvest labour majorly impacted by Covid and lack of overseas workers. There is competition between different crops for labour so cost of labour has increased.
  • Demand for avocados in Australia will continue to grow in time, but it can’t match the increase in supply this season.
  • Chilean avocado imports into Australia in 2020 was driven by Australian importers supply rather than Chile. Not expecting to see many Chilean avocados this season.
  • Australian exports this year to increase to Singapore, Malaysian, Hong Kong and Japan.
  • Current market conditions and volumes likely to be the new normal and Australia will look to grow export markets over time.
  • Anticipating good Australian avocado grower participation in World Avocado Congress in NZ in 2023.


Zoom morning tea on the differentiated story with Bevan Jelley, Market Manager for NZ Avocado, and Exporters

A summary of key questions and answers from Differentiated story zoom morning tea event with Bevan Jelley Market Manager, NZ Avocado, Steve Trickett, Marketing & Communications Manager, AVANZA and Cameron Carter, Sales Manager, Seeka.

  • A solid branding proposition which I’m sure will create a favourable disposition amongst consumers. How do we capitalise on this at point of sale. we need to create image recall. What plans do we have for labelling stickers etc? Triple Active New Zealand Avocados was developed collectively by exporters and NZ Avocado. This has enabled a proposition and implementation approach that can be used alongside exporter and retailer brands at point of sale in key export markets. Some examples of consumer facing activations in-store are shown at the end of the webinar video linked above.
  • What benchmarks have been set to track success for the new brand story? Ultimately, the objective is to enable more avocados from New Zealand to be sold at value in key markets across Asia. Throughout the season brand testing will take place through social media platforms and consumer surveys, to assess the impacts of the differentiated story on consumers intent to purchase avocados from New Zealand. Testing will assess whether the benefits of the hero nutrients and respectful harvest practices of avocados from New Zealand are being absorbed and understood by consumers, and whether this is increasing the likelihood of purchase. In addition to this, key campaign metrics will assess how many consumers are reached and engaged through implementation of promotion initiatives undertaken by exporters and NZ Avocado.
  • What are exporters doing to work together to tackle shipping delays? Collaboration across exporter to address shipping challenges is currently happening in many form. As a collective, AVEC has formed a side-group to look specifically at ways exporters can further collaborate on shared shipping opportunities and solutions.


Zoom morning tea on Fungal Disease Management with Dr. Liz Dann, Associate Professor and Plant Pathologist, University of Queensland

Industry structure review

Industry structure review recommendations webinar with Chair, Linda Flegg and NZAGA and NZAIL Board members