Research structure and governance


  • The NZ Avocado Board approves the funding of all avocado research funded by growers, or led by NZ Avocado. Projects need to advance the growers ability to produce consistently high yields of high quality avocados, while preserving the environment.  

High level vision

  • The research programme aims to deliver value to growers to support the vision to maximise grower profitability over the long term. It is developed with growers and industry stakeholders to address the issues that are currently or likely to impact growers. 

External research providers´╗┐

  • NZ Avocado engages with external research providers to ensure the best expertise and resources are utilised to deliver value to growers. Significant current research providers are Plant & Food Research, Eurofins and PlantTech but NZ Avocado remains engaged with a wide range of domestic and international researchers.  

External funding

  • Grower funds are used to leverage external funding wherever possible to further research projects and help deliver them to growers. We are grateful to receive funding for projects from the Ministry for Primary Industries, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the Sustainable Food & Fibre Futures, Our Land and Water National Science Challenge, AGMARDT and industry stakeholders.

Researcher and Technical working group

  • A group of researchers and industry technical representatives meet twice a year to critically review current research and extension to growers as well as where future effort should be put. This group plays a crucial role in ensuring the research programme delivers value to growers.