Spray diary

All growers that are registered with the NZ Avocado to export avocados are required to maintain a spray diary as part of the conditions to export.

The avocado industry electronic spray diary is an important legal tool providing traceability documentation as part of the avocado export food safety assurance programme. It is the mechanism that collects and stores information on all of the spray applications applied to avocados bound for export and facilitates the calculation as to which markets fruit is cleared for picking and export. This calculation is based on the Maximum Residue Levels (MRL) and Pre-harvest Interval (PHI) of the chemicals used.

A spray diary is assigned to a property at the time a new PPIN is allocated to that property. A logon name and password is provided to the grower to enable access to their spray diary. EMS requirements on the use of the spray diary are found in the Quality Manual, Part 2 Grower Responsibilities, Section 4.0 Crop Protection.

A user manual for the spray diary can be accessed here.

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