NZ Avocado Packers Forum (NZAPF)

The NZAPF is an incorporated society whose purpose is to foster, promote and establish co-operation of all those engaged in the packing of avocados in New Zealand. The NZAPF represents avocado packers registered with NZ Avocado either as export packers (under the EMS), or as local market packers.


  1. To promote, foster and establish a closer bond of unity and co-operation amongst all those engaged in the packing and growing of avocados in New Zealand.
  2. To establish and maintain in New Zealand an association of Packers of avocados for the mutual benefit and assistance of Members and to act as a grouping representing of avocado Packers within the wider New Zealand avocado industry sector.
  3. To acquire by correspondence, experiment or otherwise any knowledge that is liable to be of interest or practical service to the Members and disseminate the same to all Members and other persons by all available means, particularly by the use of such agencies as meetings, demonstrations, lectures, seminars, publications, email, maintenance of an internet website or any other appropriate electronic means as an addition.

The NZAPF also has a Memorandum of Understanding with NZ Avocado Industry Ltd to foster information sharing and support of industry strategy.