The goal of NZ Avocado’s research is to move our industry towards maximising productivity and improving consistency

The avocado industry continues to grow, and research plays an important role in supporting that growth to ensure we have a vibrant industry into the future.

The NZ Avocado team is passionate about applying research to help overcome industry challenges. We are fortunate to have the support from a large number of people and other organisations. External scientists contribute significantly to our research effort, as do growers, packhouses, exporters and other industry professionals.

NZ Avocado’s research is aimed at supporting NZ Avocado’s strategic objectives:

Strategic objectives

  • A research programme that meets the needs of growers and influences consistent delivery of premium avocados to meet consumer needs.
  • Markets are developed and maintained collaboratively at value to absorb a growing supply of avocados.
  • Efficient and effective systems support both the needs of industry stakeholders and consistent delivery of premium avocados to meet consumer needs.
  • Grower and stakeholder levies are invested to maximise grower profitability over the long term.
  • Governance of industry operates to best practice.
  • Sustainability outcomes guide industry practices and growth.
  • Safeguard sanitary and phytosanitary market access