New Zealand avocados are sold domestically through:

  • Direct – orchard gate or local market
  • Retail – supermarkets and independent grocery stores
  • Foodservice – cafes, restaurants etc

If you grow avocados for export, speak to your packer or exporter for a recommendation on how best to sell your domestic market fruit.

A list of New Zealand wholesale marketers of avocados can be found in the NZ domestic marketers contact directory.

New Zealand market grade standards

New Zealand market grade standards differ to those for export.  Please click here for New Zealand market grade standards.

New Zealand market maturity requirements

Best practice requirements for pre-harvest avocado maturity exist to ensure consumers enjoy a positive eating experience which results in re-purchase of avocados. Please click here for New Zealand market maturity guidelines.

Commodity levy

Do you sell your avocados for consumption in New Zealand? All avocados sold in New Zealand are subject to a commodity levy of 3% of the sales value at the first point of sale. Please click here to view information on the commodity levies for avocados.

Market information

For information on New Zealand market packed avocado volumes, view the weekly monitoring report. Please click here to view the Weekly Monitoring Report.


Please click here for more information on theft prevention.