World Avocado Congress keynote speakers to address changing world of supply & demand

1 November 2022

A stellar line-up of keynote speakers has been announced for the 10th World Avocado Congress, taking place in Auckland, New Zealand, from 2-5 April 2023.

“The World Avocado Congress represents a unique opportunity for members of the avocado community all around the globe to get together under one roof and collectively ask questions about the risks and opportunities that are currently facing the industry. To address some of these questions, we’re delighted to announce our keynote speakers for congress,” says Jen Scoular, CEO of NZ Avocado and President of the World Avocado Congress Committee.

The keynote speaker line-up includes the following esteemed individuals. Read more about these speakers on the World Avocado Congress website.

  • Cathy Burns, CEO at the International Fresh Produce Association, based in America
  • Professor Andrew Robson, Director of the University of New England’s Applied Agricultural Remote Sensing Centre in Australia
  • Brent Clothier, Principal Scientist with Plant & Food Research NZ and President of the Royal Society in New Zealand
  • Florence Van Dyke, Head of Sustainability at NZ Trade and Enterprise, New Zealand
  • Francisco Mena Völker, partner at GAMA in Chile
  • Lain Jager, former CEO of Zespri International and the Co-Chair of Te Puna Whakaaronui – a Food and Fibre think tank, New Zealand
  • Professor Sarah McLaren, Massey University, Director of the New Zealand Life Cycle Management Centre, New Zealand
  • Jen Scoular, CEO of NZ Avocado and President of the World Avocado Congress, New Zealand

“Speakers will address a wide range of pertinent and challenging subjects, vital for the changing world of avocado production and the sustainable growth of the global avocado industry,” says Ms Scoular.

The theme for the 10th World Avocado Congress is Respectful: respect for people, respect for environment and respect for our future. Read more about the theme and watch the video here.

“Adverse challenges have forced some uncomfortable questions but simultaneously created and encouraged a future ripe with opportunities. Productivity, fruit quality, post-harvest system, global supply chains and supply and demand have been fueling conversations around the world and raising the question, how sustainable is the global industry across environment, people and economics? We need to think collaboratively about the people in our industry, the environment in which we grow, transport and sell avocados and how respect for them better enables a sustainable future.”

As part of the World Avocado Congress NZ 2023, topics will include the future of food, sustainability, climate change, food trends, food security, water and carbon lifecycles for avocado production, research and practical on-orchard application of research to achieve high-yield, agritech innovation, global supply chains, grower returns, and the ongoing challenges of food supply, to name a few.

“When we reflect on the environment in which we’re doing business, it’s a very different landscape from when the World Avocado Congress community last met in Medellin, Colombia 2019. Globally, we continue to navigate a post-pandemic world, ongoing logistical challenges, the impact of climate change and the unrelenting uncertainty of war in Ukraine. Collectively, we have all witnessed and experienced some huge changes – both opportunities and challenges – within our own sector.

“Despite the challenges which do exist, we persevere in finding the opportunities to make a difference for our global avocado community and we encourage you all to be a part of this conversation about the future of our industry. Register for the World Avocado Congress today!”.

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