Celebrate world avocado day with nutritious and delicious New Zealand avocado

Monday 31 July 2023:

Calling avocado lovers! July 31 is world avocado day, and the excitement is real in New Zealand’s avocado community. As this special day aligns perfectly with the arrival of this year’s avocado season, it offers avocado enthusiasts across the nation a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the delicious flavours and incredible health benefits of this locally grown fruit.

Avocados from New Zealand contain 19 vitamins and minerals and 3 very special nutrients – antioxidants to protect and repair, folate for safe natural baby development, and omega 3 for heart and brain health. Avocados are grown in the right way and harvested at the right time, making them better for the world and better for you.

Renowned for their unique taste and unmatched versatility, avocados have earned their place as a staple ingredient in countless dishes worldwide. What sets them apart is their ability to ripen into perfection right after being carefully picked from the tree. Despite the seasonal transition sometimes leading to limited supply, we are thrilled to inform avocado lovers that our avocados are now back in season and ready to be enjoyed.

In April, New Zealand proudly hosted the World Avocado Congress for the first time, a testament to our dedication and passion as a member of the global avocado community. This event brought together nearly 1,200 avocado enthusiasts from around the world, showcasing our commitment to advancing the avocado industry and promoting the incredible benefits of this amazing fruit. As we celebrate World Avocado Day, it is a wonderful opportunity for us to unite with avocado lovers worldwide and express our admiration for the amazing, delicious, and nutritious qualities of avocados. It is also a chance to acknowledge the community of hardworking growers who play an essential role in cultivating this tasty fruit , ensuring that we can enjoy the freshest and highest quality avocados with every bite. This special day is a great occasion to honour both the fruit and the dedicated individuals behind its production.

Beyond the delicious taste, avocados offer an array of health benefits, making them a valuable addition to any diet. As nutrient-dense fruits, they provide a natural source of energy, support heart health, aid in healthy weight management, and offer a generous dose of dietary fibre.

Avocados have become an all-time favourite in New Zealand, captivating taste buds and sparking culinary innovation across the country. It’s no surprise that Katikati has an avocado festival and Wellington even has its own Wellington Avocado on Toast awards, celebrating the creativity and love for this delicious and nutritious locally grown produce. New Zealanders have embraced the versatility of avocados, making avocado on toast a classic Kiwi breakfast even during the winter season.

Let’s celebrate World Avocado Day with nutritious and delicious avocados from New Zealand. Embrace the new season fruit, elevate your meals, tantalize your taste buds, and savour the goodness. Don’t just have a good day; “avo good day” with NZ Avocado!

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