Requests for Maturity Clearance tests for 2024 – Now open. 

Maturity clearance testing for avocados commences on Monday 6th May 2024. Before submitting a request, please ensure the orchard map displayed in Avohub is up to date.

Our service provider continues to be Eurofins. Samples are being tested in their Auckland based laboratory and sample collection and delivery will link in with their wider business networks and sampling and delivery.

As a requester you should experience no noticeable difference with the change in testing location.

Requests and registration for sample collection and testing is to be made directly through the form below.

The email request will be registered into the Eurofins ticketing system and the team will be in touch if there are any further details required.

Requests are required before 3pm on the day prior to sample collection to ensure that there is sufficient time to plan and organise the following days sampling. Requests after 3pm cannot be guaranteed for the following day but may be collected on a case by case basis.

The following details will be required to be completed in the body of the email.

Enquiry emails for sample requests will be accepted at

For more information on maturity clearance testing click here

Request for maturity clearance test

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
    Collection days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • e.g., P12340
  • NOTE: Orchard size 5.1-10ha must have at least 2 maturity areas. Orchards over 10.1ha must have at least 3 maturity areas.
  • Please list all individual blocks included in the sample area. e.g., blocks 1, 2, 3
  • Please enter any access instructions.
    - Please text primary contact (*****) before entering orchard.
    - How to open locked gates.
    - Pin code for gate is (****).
    - Instructions for locked gates without pin codes.
  • Please list any hazards on the property. Examples: Stock onsite Spraying onsite Shelterbelt pruning Machinery operating
    Please select yes even if the dog is friendly
  • This is an anti hacker requirement

If there are any other questions about this service please don’t hesitate to contact Glenys Parton at New Zealand Avocado.