FAQ on membership

How is the PPIN number assigned?

The P-PIN is a four digit number that is unique to a property as defined by its valuation number. A fifth digit will be added to indicate the grower/supplier of the fruit from the property, as this may be different from the owner.

What if I have multiple orchards?

If you have multiple valuation numbers, then a unique P-PIN will be randomly assigned to each valuation number.

What if I sell my property - or buy another one?

As the P-PIN is land based regardless of ownership, the P-PIN remains with the property.

What happens if I subdivide my property?

When a property is subdivided and sold, a new valuation number is assigned to each portion of the property. The existing valuation number and P-PIN remain with a smaller portion of the original property and each new valuation number will be randomly allocated another P-PIN.

Do I advise any party of change of ownership?

All changes must be advised in writing to NZ Avocado

All memberships are provided at the discretion of NZ Avocado and are subject to review or change without notice. After completing your application you’ll be notified if your application has been approved.

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Payments are non-refundable.

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