Pest management

A range of insects, mites and mammalians are found on avocado orchards in New Zealand. Some are pests, while others are benign or beneficial.

Pests are organisms that:

  • Cause damage to fruit resulting in economic loss.
  • Cause damage that may impact tree health.
  • Are of concern to countries where we export NZ avocados to.

In order to make effective management decisions it is important to be able to distinguish pests from non-pests. There are pest management requirements that growers must meet if they are planning to export fruit. These requirements are set out in the AvoGreenĀ® manual and are referenced in the Quality Manual. Growers not exporting fruit should be familiar with these manuals as they outline all of the major pests of concern and the management requirements, should they decide to move the sale of their fruit into the export category.

For more information on pest management please download the pests chapter from the grower manual below.

To see more information on pests and pest factsheets click here.