World Avocado Congress addresses sustainable growth of global industry

13 October 2022

The world is constantly changing and the horticulture sector is not immune to the shifting sands of change. The global avocado industry will demonstrate its responsiveness to change at the 10th World Avocado Congress, taking place from 2-5 April 2023 in Auckland, New Zealand.

“Adverse challenges have forced some uncomfortable questions but simultaneously created and encouraged a future ripe with opportunities. Productivity, fruit quality, post-harvest system, global supply chains and supply and demand have been fuelling conversations around the world and raising the question, how sustainable is the global industry across environment, people and economics,” says Jen Scoular, CEO of NZ Avocado and President of the World Avocado Congress Committee.

The Scientific and Marketing Organising Committees for the upcoming World Avocado Congress are now committed to reviewing the impressive abstracts submitted so far. A wide range of topics will be discussed at the World Avocado Congress, from breeding and genomics, to agritech innovation, pest and diseases, country reports, sustainability and more. These topics will be addressed by plenary sessions, keynote speakers, presentations and poster sessions with break-out streams to allow for a very diverse and exciting mix of topics, themes and areas of interest.

“It is imperative that we connect with the very best avocado experts around the world, and entice them to New Zealand to share their knowledge and expertise with participants at the Congress,” says Phillip West, Chair of the Scientific Committee.

Anna Livingston, Chair of the Marketing Committee, appreciates the breadth of abstracts received covering country reports from most avocado producing countries, to understanding the consumer in Korea, and changing the way avocados are promoted to millennials in the largest avocado market, the US.

“We have extended our networks to ensure we are able to share a picture of the industry as it is – but also to encourage discussion about our future as a global avocado industry. We need to be aware of supply and demand, now and over the next ten years, and understand where promotional activity is best placed, to motivate more consumers to enjoy the wonderful avocado.”

There is keen interest from the international scientific and marketing community to present the latest research on avocados with a strong programme of presentations in support of the keynote speakers. So far keynote speakers include Professor Andrew Robson, Dr Brent Clothier, Florence Van Dyke, Francisco Mena Völker, Jen Scoular, Lain Jager and Professor Sarah McLaren.

The abstracts will be reviewed by the committees, and presenters will have their places confirmed by mid-December. These abstracts will complete the program in support of the keynote speakers already confirmed.

“The World Avocado Congress represents a unique opportunity for members of the avocado community all around the globe to get together under one roof and collectively ask questions about the risks and opportunities that are currently facing the industry. To answer these questions, we need to think collaboratively about the people in our industry, the environment in which we grow, transport and sell avocados and how respect for them better enables a sustainable future. The 10th World Avocado Congress has a theme: respectful; respect for people, respect for environment and respect for our future. The New Zealand industry invites all those in the industry globally to participate in these discussions – in the conversation that supports our future as a fantastic and sustainable global industry,” says Ms Scoular.



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