Total copper soil monitoring

The application of copper to avocado crops is recommended as a fungicide to reduce the incidence of fruit rots. The recommended best practice is to apply copper every four weeks with a minimum of 10 applications per year to maintain an adequate cover.

Total copper accumulation in New Zealand soils depends on soil type and levels may increase with repeated applications. From March 2020 to August 2021 NZ Avocado implemented a monitoring programme to measure the level of total copper in New Zealand soils to understand the concentration of total copper in avocado orchard soils. Please click here for results of the monitoring programme. You will need to login.

Due to this project being completed, NZ Avocado will no longer be paying for this test however growers who wish to continue to monitor their total copper can do so through self-funded testing with Hill laboratories and your results will not be shared with NZ Avocado.

What you need to do

  • Supply the PPIN and block number (as used in your spray diary) in the Sample Identification field
  • Add Total copper (TCu) to the Other




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