Information for growers about the World Avocado Congress NZ 2023

The World Avocado Congress is on from 2-5 April 2023 at the Aotea Centre, Auckland, New Zealand.

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Attending the congress can benefit our growers by:

  • Gaining unique access to leaders from the international avocado growing community (technical consultants and researchers), who will share their specialist knowledge and expertise with NZ growers about on orchard productivity, avocado quality, the supply chain and more.
  • Gaining access to leading and innovative avocado growing technology from around the world.
  • The Congress will showcase New Zealand avocados on a global stage like never before, generating awareness at a customer, retailer and consumer level about New Zealand’s leadership in the global avocado industry.
  • Global media interest will enhance New Zealand’s reputation as a world leader in avocado growing, great tasting avocados, beautiful orchards, ethical worker treatment, and sustainable environmental practice. This has the potential to increase interest in our avocados and open up more international markets for our growers.

The World Avocado Congress represents the ultimate opportunity for our growers to access innovation, global knowledge and science to support the growth of the sector. It’s also an opportunity to showcase New Zealand avocados on a world stage and promote the consumption of our exceptional fruit.

Come join us!

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