Starting out guide – information about the New Zealand avocado industry

Welcome to the world of avocados,

More people than ever, all around the world, are declaring their love for avocados. This delicious, versatile, melt-in-your-mouth superfood is packed with health and deliciousness. It is also incredibly nutrious; research tells us each fruit contains 19 vitamins and nutrients.

New Zealand’s avocado industry set an ambitious goal in 2014 to quadruple sales and triple productivity to $280m a year by 2023, and at $230m in 2021 is now pretty close to achieving that goal. The industry is pursuing exciting opportunities in both export and domestic markets, thanks to innovation and collaboration that includes strong relationships across the industry and partnerships with Government and research institutes.

New Zealand currently produces just 2% of the world’s total avocado crop, but is the ninth largest exporting nation, exporting to 11 countries. Most of New Zealand’s  4,000-plus hectares of avocados are planted in the Bay of Plenty and Northland.

The industry collaborates across 1,400 growers, 12 registered pack houses, 11 licenced exporters and New Zealand fruit marketing companies, to grow and market premium New Zealand avocados globally.

The industry has a vision to optimise the return for avocado growers over the long term. New Zealand Avocado is the industry body made up of two entities: NZ Avocado Growers’ Association Inc. (NZAGA) and its fully owned subsidiary NZ Avocado Industry Limited (NZAIL).

NZ Avocado works alongside growers to support, promote and advance the industry by packing the goodness of New Zealand into every slice of avocado we share with the world. We do this by promoting the sale and consumption of avocados, managing a research and development programme, setting the industry standards to ensure compliance with market requirements and creating a supportive structure that encourages development and growth within the industry.

Avocados are an amazing fruit and we welcome those wishing to join the industry. However, avocados are challenging to grow in New Zealand, with our cooler, wetter and windier climate than the climates from where avocados originate. Producing safe and healthy food also requires that the grower, packer and marketer take accountability for adhereing to the compliance to industry and government requirements.

This Starting out guide takes you through a raft of information that is important for you as you make decisions about investing in avocados. This includes information on the industry structure and funding, the requirements to become a member of NZAGA and the information you will receive, and  information on due diligence before you buy or plant an avocado orchard. We hope you find this useful. We welcome feedback on ways we might improve how we share this information with you.

Jen Scoular

Chief Executive Officer, NZ Avocado

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