Fresh Plaza – Australia: “Air freight spaces are very limited and extremely expensive; shipping lines also cancelling vessels”

With most people working from home, the way people are buying and selling fresh produce has had to change: this also true within the Sydney wholesale market where according to Oliver Wang from Antico International, the public buyers are no longer allowed to access to the market – only commercial buyers are allowed and there are temperature checks in place.

As well as being based within the Sydney market Antico exports fruit and vegetables around the world. ”We have just finished our stone fruit export season so the current situation has not impacted us much,” said Oliver. “It is quite a season for us at the moment.”

Oliver said that, Exporters from Australia, are facing huge challenges. “Air freight spaces are very limited, and rate is extremely expensive; shipping lines are also cancelling vessels.The grape season has started, we are now on Crimson and other varieties and it will be very challenging for exporters.”

“We are looking ahead to our US cherry imports which will start in May, we are unsure how the situation will evolve and we hope the COVID-19 will be over by then.

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Oliver Wang
Antico International Pty Ltd
Phone: +61 2 9764 3833
Mobile: +61 408 418 620

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