Fresh Plaza: Mr. Avocado and Aldi China jointly promote ready-to-eat avocados

Fresh Plaza | September 2021 | 

The avocado, well known as a “super food”, gains more and more popularity with Chinese consumers every year. The market demand volume grows larger every year, and so does the number of countries with permission to export avocados to the Chinese market. Recently, Mr. Avocado and Aldi China jointly promoted the ready-to-eat avocado. Company spokesperson Ms. Liu Mosu shared her insights into the event.

Ms. Liu Mosu explained: “Aldi is an international supermarket chain with many stores in first-tier cities throughout China. We have cooperated with Aldi China for many years now. The ready-to-eat avocados in Aldi are quite popular with customers. The sales volume steadily grows, and much faster than we expected. We now work together with Aldi to offer even more Aldi customers the chance to taste high-quality Mr. Avocado ready-to-eat avocados. Sales of this jointly-promoted avocado officially began on the 23rd of August. As soon as the avocados hit the shelves, customers noticed, and almost all the avos we supplied that day were sold out on the same day.”

“Our daily sales volume exceeds 180,000 avocados”
After a few years of rapid development, avocados are now a familiar sight in Chinese supermarkets. The market demand grows stronger every day. Mr. Avocado introduced the first ready-to-eat avocado four years ago. The company team worked hard to promote the ready-to-eat avocado and generate as much publicity as possible, and as a result, the sales volume rapidly grew. Mr. Avocado is already the most beloved avocado brand in the Chinese market. “Our daily sales volume exceeds 180,000 avocados. By the end of this year we hope to sell more than 260,000 avocados per day,” said Ms. Liu.

Guarantee of stable, year-round supply to end-markets
The avocado is a particular fruit that ripens after the harvest. It  has high requirements for post-harvest treatment, refrigerated transport and storage, and ripening in the destination market. Every segment of the supply chain has to meet the highest standards.

“We always listen to consumer feedback. Consumers often complain that they leave the avocado for a few days and then the avocado is either rotten, or not yet ripe. After thorough investigation we discovered that traders without specialized knowledge unwittingly interrupted the cold supply chain. In traditional wholesale markets the avocados are often left unrefrigerated for several days. Proper post-harvest management should resolve this issue.”

“To help solve this problem we constructed an automated avocado ripening center in Kunshan. The ripening technology in this center was introduced from the USA. The imported fruits are ripened here, so that we can personally guarantee the highest product quality for our customers here. They can purchase the avocado and immediately eat it. They do not have to wait. Every ready-to-eat avocado will be soft and glutinous with a smooth buttery texture. Our goal is to raise the taste experience of Chinese consumers and solve the problems with product quality in the Chinese avocado market. We hope to improve developments in the Chinese avocado industry,” said Ms. Liu.

Maintain close connections to production areas
“Various important avocado production areas compete with each other to take advantage of the huge market potential in China. Not only does Mr. Avocado provide support for avocado export to the Chinese market, but the company also guarantees the quality of these import avocadoes,” said Ms. Liu.

“To improve the distribution and packaging of avocados, and to raise the consumer experience, we keep in close contact with our strategic partners in Peru, Chile, Mexico, the SUA, Colombia, and New Zealand. In this way we ensure that production, packaging, and export all meet the highest standards, and that supply remains stable all year round. This cooperation with Aldi China will further raise the prominence of Mr. Avocado ready-to-eat avocados in the Chinese market!”

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