Registered contract harvesters 2019-20

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 Company Name Phone Location Food Safety Programme Number Expiry date
A1 Avocados LtdJames Tanner(027) 690 4139BOPNZGAP & Global GAPMPI003644/120/03/21
The Avo TreeThorley Robbins(020) 401 8560BOP
AvoPic LtdJenny Gilliver(021) 157 6670BOP
Ashlin Avo's LtdAshby Whitehead(027) 305 9351BOP
Apata Group LtdTerry Russell(027) 836 2342BOP
Brownbear LTDJoel Falzone(021) 025 94704BOPNZGAP425519/03/2020
Pulse AvopikDavid Wills(027) 479 3611BOP
Avsolutely AvosHaycock Avocado Services Ltd(027) 499 7957BOP
AALAongatete Avocados Ltd(027) 457 9344BOPNZ GAP, Global GAP02909, AQCP15410/10/2019 , 19/11/2019
Trevelyans Pack & Cool LtdShelley Harawira(027) 555 0874BOP
Supreme Avocado Services LtdRachael Thomson(027) 365 1201BOPGlobal GAPAQCP20408/12/2020
M B ContractingMat Bailey(027) 552 5411BOPNZ GAPAQCP20212/08/2020
All Terrain Avos LtdSteve Welten(027) 295 3247BOP/Northland
KP & DL RussellKent Russell(021) 541 455Whangarei
JMSM KirkJonathan Kirk(021) 439 6266Whangarei
Coromandel Orchard ServicesJason Jackson(021) 232 4701Whitianga
Jimmys Avo PickersJames Clayton(027) 649 0480Whitianga
 Company Name Phone Location Food Safety Programme Number Expiry date