AvoGreen pest monitoring training

New AvoGreen pest monitors will be required to undertake the following training:

  • Initial face to face training
  • 10 online assessments
  • A minimum of three practical training sessions

The training program adheres to a predetermined timeline that should be observed. Following the theory session, you will be required to attend at least three practical sessions and pass 10 online multi-choice assessments (open book). As per clause 4 of the AvoGreen training terms and conditions, AvoLearn online assessments must be completed within four months from start date.

You can expect training to take a minimum of four months and up to 12 months due to seasonal presence of pests required to be identified.  There is a cost of $450 which includes the face to face training, online assessments, and 3 practical sessions.

Please read these terms & conditions carefully.
The terms & conditions under the requirements of the AvoGreenĀ® pest monitoring training programme:

1. I understand this is a training programme based on adult learning principles and as such I am responsible for my learning outcomes.
2. The invoice for the AvoGreen pest monitoring course will be paid within seven days of receiving the invoice and prior to commencement of training. 
3. I will complete the AvoGreen pest monitoring training programme within 12 months of the start date. 
4. I will have completed the AvoLearn online assessments within four months from start date. 
5. I will have undertaken at least one field training within three months from the start date. If I am unable to undertake a field training in this period, a reason for my absence will be communicated to the Trainer within this period of time. 
6. If I have not made contact with the trainer after 12 months or have not engaged in the training process after repeated conversations with the trainer, I will be withdrawn from the AvoGreen training programme. If I wish to continue training in the future, I understand that I will have to undertake the training from the beginning, paying full price. 
7. If I wish to terminate my training, I will inform my trainer on the understanding that I will be withdrawn from the AvoGreen pest monitoring programme 
8. If I wish to continue training at a further date, I will be required to re-register and undertake the training from the beginning, paying full price.

Upcoming trainings:

Please note, that we require a minimum of four attendees to run the session. 

Expression of interest

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