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About Us

New Zealand Avocado

We are the public face that represents the avocado industry in New Zealand.

NZ Avocado Growers Association Inc. (NZAGA)

We operate to support New Zealand avocado growers' interests. We do this by promoting the sale and consumption of avocados, managing a research and development programme, and by creating a supportive structure that encourages development and growth within the industry.

We also co-ordinate and disseminate relevant industry information and lobby and liaise with Government for the good of our growers.

Being a member of NZAGA qualifies you to be represented on the NZAGA Executive Committee by regional Grower Representatives.

Please see the NZAGA Rules at the bottom of this page.

Long term planning

Through consultation with the industry we have developed a 5 year plan (2012-2017) which aims to maximise grower value over the long term.

To meet the needs of growers for a sustainable and profitable return, the industry objective is to leverage the increasing demand for the high nutritional properties of premium quality avocados from New Zealand.

We have three major strategic objectives being:

  1. To produce a consistent and sustainable supply of New Zealand avocados to meet consumer needs
    • Consistent production
    • Maximise on-orchard productivity
  2. Maximise long term value by a disciplined approach to market development and retention
  3. To ensure a strong representative industry structure supports the growth of a sustainable and profitable NZ avocado industry

NZ Avocado Industry Limited 

NZ Avocado Industry Ltd is a limited liability company officially recognised by the Government as representing New Zealand avocados. In that recognition comes the requirement that any exporter who wants to export avocados must be licensed with the NZ Horticulture Export Authority (HEA).

We deal with any contractual arrangements necessary for the management of the industry and under the NZHEA Act 1987, we implement quality standards, export grade standards and rules and procedures that must be followed by growers, pack houses and exporters. These rules and procedures are all documented in the Avocado Quality Manual and the Avocado Export Marketing Strategy (EMS). The EMS is reviewed annually through consultation with industry participants and is actioned and monitored by the directors of the NZ Avocado Board.

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