Young tree dieback research

Key words: Completed, Pests, disease and biosecurity

Start date: 2019 End date: 2021

A team of nursery representatives, industry stakeholders, local and international researchers agreed a work plan for the investigation into young tree die back.

Minimising environmental stresses (e.g. wind and drought), orchard hygiene practices, proactive monitoring and fungicide applications will remain the best strategy for long term protection. See updates on the industry website here.
The contribution of a pathogen is only a third of the story when dealing with plant disease. Pathogenic organisms have to come together with a susceptible plant and the right environment. General tree stress factors therefore have a significant if not overriding influence in the onset, timing and severity of any disease. The pathogens detected to date are highly opportunistic which is supported by the multiple pathogen types we are finding within any sick plant.Login to see member content