Fruit thefts – growers urged to be extra vigilant

NZ Avocado has received recent reports of avocado theft from orchards in Bay of Plenty and Northland.

Growers are encouraged to please report thefts and any unusual activity in their area to NZ police as soon as possible.

If you see something & say something.

New Zealand Police recommend the following:

  • Be extra vigilant and take steps to prevent theft, including increasing security around your orchard.
  • If you witness any suspicious behaviour contact your neighbouring orchards to ensure others are also keeping a look out.

If a theft takes place the New Zealand Police encourage reporting in all instances:

  • If witnessed at the time of theft call the Police emergency line on 111 immediately. Try to take as many details as you can of the thieves including their appearance and any vehicles and vehicle registration numbers etc.
  • If you discover fruit has been stolen but you did not witness the theft, contact your local police station.
  • If you have had fruit stolen recently but have not yet reported it, contact your local police station.

If you are approached by anyone trying to sell car boot loads of avocados, take a description of the person and their vehicle registration and report the activity to your local police station.

What you can do to help protect your fruit:

  • Install security cameras or if you are unable to do this, install signage as a deterrent that says the orchard is under surveillance. Theft prevention signs can be ordered by emailing – two signs per PPIN.
  • Install a driveway alarm to alert you of people entering your property
  • Keep any gates to the orchard locked or install an electronic pin code gate
  • Have a regular walk around your orchard to stay alert of anything unusual or potential risk areas that you may want to address
  • Use your phone to take photos if you do see anything suspicious

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