Fresh Plaza: Avocado growers’ bid to sell fruit pays off

Fresh Plaza | October 2021 | 

The people have spoken. A grower-funded campaign that aims to get more Australians buying avocados has taken multiple accolades in what may be one of the industry’s most impactful initiatives yet.

Funded by Australian avocado grower levies and delivered through Hort Innovation, the ‘Our Green Gold’ campaign aired in television breaks during the Olympics and Paralympics, social media and radio, and on billboards throughout major cities including a mural painting in the iconic Kings Cross. Starring comedian and actor Nazeem Hussain, the campaign has reached over 17.6 million Australian consumers to date with more activity scheduled over the coming months to support the WA Hass crop and the Shepard variety season. So far, the initiative has taken the prestigious Seven Network Best Ad of Tokyo 2021 competition, the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) Creative Collection Award and was an Inside FMCG top marketing pick of the year.

Queensland-based Avocado grower Daryl Boardman said the campaign reflected what growers wanted to convey to consumers, that avocados are quintessentially Australian and can be enjoyed at every mealtime. “It’s great to see such a positive response to the campaign, we hope that whenever people see green and gold, they think of Aussie avocados,” Mr Boardman said.

“The whole concept has really resonated with Australians because avocados are such an important part of our dining culture.”
Hort Innovation avocado champion Matt Dwyer said the award-winning campaign was an excellent example of levy funding in action.

“From the outset, our avocado grower advisory group helped shape the campaign, and working together with Hort Innovation and partner agencies TBWA Sydney and Atomic 212, we have seen some great results. Australian Avocados have never been more popular with our research showing two in three consumers are more likely to purchase avocados after seeing the campaign”. According to the 2019/20 Horticulture Statistics Handbook, there are currently over 750 avocado growers in Australia producing 87,546 tonnes per year valued at $450 million across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Western Australia.

Peak body Avocados Australia Chief Executive John Tyas said there has been a significant increase in avocado production and supply in 2021. “This year we’re seeing a massive increase in production with a lot of young plantings coming online,” he said. “We’re expecting about 120,000 tonnes over the next 12 months. It’s going to be a massive crop around the country.”

Currently, Hort Innovation is investing $15.7 million in research, development, and marketing projects on behalf of the avocado industry, targeting everything from biosecurity measures to fruit quality initiatives and efforts to maximise yield.

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