Contact details for voting members

Voting members of NZAGA are classified as follows:

  • “Ordinary member”, generally the land owner (holds one vote per PPIN)
  • “Levy member” being the person primarily liable to pay a Commodity Levy (holds the production weighted vote)

The rights for voting members are described in the NZAGA Rules, which can be found here.

Members of the association can nominate either;

  • One person to be classified as both the “Ordinary member” and “Levy member”.
  • OR two people, one person classified as the “Ordinary member” and one other person classified as the “Levy member”.

Please note: regardless of the classification of voting member, each individual voter must have a unique email address recorded in our contact database. If you share a joint email, the voting has been assigned to the person who holds that email in our database.

Please fill in the form below to update your contact details.

If you have any issues or questions please email or phone 07 571 6147