Messages for growers – May 2022

  • NZAGA Proposed rule change: voting outcome

    Following the New Zealand Avocado Growers’ Association Inc. (NZAGA) Annual General Meeting on the 31 March 2022, an online member vote was recently conducted on the proposed rule changes regarding the number of Executives and the way they are elected. This proposal was based upon feedback received from growers and stakeholders following the industry review structure. 

    Voting members were asked if they approve the NZAGA Rule changes as presented to the NZAGA AGM 31st March 2022 and published on the NZ Avocado website on 30 March 2022

    • 79% voted in favour of the proposed rule changes
    • 21% voted against the proposed rule changes

     A total of 45 votes were received overall. We encourage all eligible members to vote to ensure their grower voice is heard and to ensure results are a fair representation of our grower community. 

    What this outcome means

    • A vote for the new Executive will take place before the 2022 AGM. 
    • The Executive will consist of five representatives (currently seven with one vacant position) and will be made up of at least two representatives from the North and two from the South. Having secured the two representatives from each region, the fifth representative will then be the highest polling member across all regions. 
    • Regional representation remains. Regions will now be identified as ‘North’ and ‘South’. North includes Far North District Council, Whangarei District Council, Kaipara District Council and the Rodney Ward of the Auckland Council. South includes all other regions.
    • All current Executive are eligible to stand as candidates for the first election under the new rules. No new candidates will be sought for this first election.
    • Each candidate must complete a skills matrix as part of their biography, available prior to the vote.
    • All growers will have the ability to vote for all candidates. We encourage you to use your vote. 
    • The current Executive is comprised of the following:
      • Linda Flegg – Chair
      • Alistair Nicholson – Vice Chair
      • Daniel Birnie
      • Richard Booth
      • John Dawson
      • Dave Flett  
      • Maria Watchorn

    Following an election of a new Executive, a comprehensive review of the NZAGA Rules is a priority.  More information will follow in coming weeks regarding the election.

    Kind regards,
    Linda Flegg, Chair, NZAGA and NZAIL