Messages for growers from the April 2020 Board meeting

  • Cautious optimism of the opportunities for the coming year. The Board supports engagement across industry stakeholders to navigate through this current situation in terms of being fit for purpose for the coming season, sharing market dynamics and reality of what’s going on, and recognising that the situation around the world is very fluid. 
  • Management reported assurances from Eurofins that they are able to deliver maturity clearances and library tray analysis for the 2020-21 season. The Board raised concern regarding Eurofins failure to deliver for the kiwifruit industry. The operational plans for maturity testing with Eurofins were endorsed by the Board but with clear conditions, and the ongoing exploration of alternative options was supported.
  • The need, right across the supply chain, to supply quality fruit at an optimal time. 
  • Key operational policies including a dispensations policy and a pandemic policy adopted, contiguous land policy removed.                 
  • The Board signed off, in principle, the decision to progress with a review of industry structure.                
  • The Board signed off on the assumptions that will underpin the 2020-21 business plan. The business plan will be presented to the Board on 4 June.
  • The quality programme, fruit staining report and sustainability reports were reviewed.