NZ Avocado Growers Association (NZAGA) Executive

Eight NZAGA representatives are elected by members of the association for three year terms on the NZAGA Executive. One representative is elected by growers in the Far North, two for Mid North and three for Bay of Plenty/Rest of New Zealand. Two representatives are elected at large by all members of the association. Each NZAGA representative is elected as a Directors on the NZ Avocado Industry Limited Board. Elections are called annually at least two months prior to an annual general meeting.

NZ Avocado Industry Ltd Board

All elected NZAGA representatives are Directors of NZ Avocado Industry Ltd. They are joined by two Exporter Directors who are elected by the Avocado Exporters Council AVEC. The Independent Chair of AVEC is also elected onto the NZ Avocado Industry Ltd Board as a non-voting Director.

Horticulture Export Authority (HEA)

The primary purpose of the HEA is to promote the effective export marketing of horticultural products. They do this by providing an export structure and support network for the NZ avocado export industry. This structure requires all exporters wishing to export avocados from New Zealand to obtain an export licence, and to register with NZ Avocado Industry Ltd. HEA requires the avocado industry to establish a recognised product group for avocados. The HEA structure requires an Export Marketing Strategy, EMS, which sets out all the rules for exporting avocados.

Recognised Product Group (RPG)

NZ Avocado Industry Ltd is the RPG under the structure provided by the HEA. This committee is responsible for the governance and management of the Export Marketing Strategy and with all communications to and from HEA. The RPG is made up of four NZAGA representatives and the two Export Directors.

Industry governance

NZAGA and NZ Avocado Industry Ltd are referred to jointly as NZ Avocado. The intercompany policy delegates accountabilities between the two entities.

One Board governs the activities of the two entities, as described above.

Governance includes:

  • Setting and reviewing industry policies and objectives.
  • The development (and periodic review) of the vision and the strategy to deliver on the objectives.
  • Selecting, appointing, supporting and reviewing the performance of the CEO.
  • Ensuring the financial stability and the availability of adequate resources.
  • Approving annual business plans and budgets.
  • Accounting to stakeholders for the organisations performance.

See the Board member profiles here

Annual General Meetings

NZAGA holds an Annual General Meeting once every financial year, usually in August. The agenda is determined by the rules of NZAGA and includes the approval of the financial accounts and a review of the association’s operations.

Growers are able to submit remits to be voted on at an AGM. To download the required remit form, please see below and for any queries please call 07 571 6147.

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