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Call for submissions to 2016-17 Export Marketing Strategy (EMS)

As part of the annual review of the Export Marketing Strategy (EMS), we are now asking for your submissions. Submissions can be given at any time but must be received by Edwina at NZ Avocado by 29 January 2016 for consideration in the 2016-17 EMS. Please use the submission form which can be downloaded from the industry website www.nzavocado.co.nz/industryunder Export > Export Marketing Strategy (EMS) > EMS Review For more information on the EMS and to view the current document, go to the industry website www.nzavocado.co.nz/industry> Export > Export Marketing Strategy (EMS) Please note below the EMS process timeline for your information: 29 January 2016- Grower, packer, exporter submissions due 4 February 2016- EMS working group meeting (1) 9 February 2016- Discussion document loaded onto website with submissions - call for feedback 17 February 2016- EMS working group meeting (2) 19 February 2016- Discussion document loaded onto website - call for further feedback 23 March 2016- Board meeting - approve EMS Mid April 2016- HEA Board - approve EMS Late April 2016- EMS loaded onto website and distributed, call for Exporter and Packer contracts

Blanket maturity clearance for Bay of Plenty

Blanket dispensation from the requirement to obtain an independent Maturity Test in the Bay of Plenty region shall come into effect as of Friday 6 November 2015. This now means that all regions are cleared for maturity.

Data on new cultivar trials available on industry website for members

New Zealand Avocado is running three new cultivar trials (planted 2009-2013) in commercial orchards in the Bay of Plenty and Whangarei, and a further two orchards containing new cultivars are involved in the trial assessment programme. Trees in the trial blocks are assessed regularly in order to evaluate their performance and determine their suitability for commercial use in New Zealand conditions. In order to make information more widely available, in collaboration with the working group, profiles have been created for each of the trial orchards containing information on the trial and assessment data. These can be found on the industry website under the Orchard Mngt tab or at the link below.  Please ensure you are signed in as a member to view this material.   http://industry.nzavocado.co.nz/industry/new_cultivars.csn  If you have any feedback or questions about this material please contact Danni van der Heijden, Research Associate, NZ Avocado dannielle.vanderheijden@nzavocado.co.nz

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Upcoming Events

Katikati Avocado Expo

12:00 AM, 07 February 2016

Avanza invites you to come  along to the Katikati Avocado Expo held at the Uretara Domain on 7 February  2016. As we all know, Katikati is at the heart of the biggest avocado growing  region in New Zealand. In conjunction with the Katikati A&P show, the Katikati  Avocado Expo will be an event to showcase all things avocado. Avanza will have a significant presence at the show and will be holding wood  chopping demonstrations from 12:00pm. There will also be plenty of children’s  activities from colouring in to animal art using avocados and avocado art, so  watch this space! There will also be a photo competition running with an  "Avocado Green” theme. For the adults, avocado associated businesses have been invited along to make  this a one stop avocado show. There will be exhibitors from all corners of the  industry showcasing tools, machinery, equipment, seedlings, products,  fertilisers and more. There will also be a competition running for the heaviest  export grade Hass avocado weighed in on the day. Please contact the organizing committee on katiavoexpo@gmail.com  for more information or to register your interest to be involved – but be quick  as spaces are limited.

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