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NZ Avocado promotions activity update 25 Sep 2014

Promotions activities for the 2014-15 season are well underway with significant activity happening in New Zealand and more to begin shortly in Australia and our Asian markets.  New Zealand In New Zealand we are using the NZ Avocado Amazing Anytime concept to drive interest and consumption of avocados. Amazing Anytime refers to the amazing nutritional qualities of avocados and also to their endless versatility. We are promoting this theme through the three TV commercials which went to air in early September featuring Nadia Lim.  These have had an immediate impact on traffic to our website, particularly to the recipe for the avocado lime and coconut cheesecake.   We have also started our programme of in-store tastings at 70 supermarkets across New Zealand. 200 tasting will take place between September and December. Feedback so far has been excellent; consumers love the recipe booklets we are handing out and they are enjoying the avocado, tomato and basil on crackers - with many commenting that this combination is a first for them. Food and lifestyle magazines featuring our full or half page print advertisements have started to hit the shelves - check out the latest issue of Food magazine. On Tuesday we sent out 30 NZ Avocado Amazing Anytime packs to 30 influential New Zealanders.  This included all the ingredients to make Nadia's avocado cheesecake, along with a recipe booklet, a media release and key facts for the season.  We have already had the likes of Frankie Adams, Megan Robson, Stacey Morrison, Denise L'Estrange-Corbet tweeting to their followers and emailing us about how much they love the pack.  The TV show New Zealand with Nadia aired the Bay of Plenty and avocado episode last Friday night which Nadia supported with a competition on her website to win an avocado gift pack. Facebook has been reignited for the season, with fans hungry for recipe ideas.   Australia We have secured air time on channels 7 and 9 to run the "love that avocado feeling" TV commercial, which is part of a much larger avocado advertising campaign run by Horticulture Australia Ltd.  This advert will kick off the week commencing 19 October and then 26 October and 9 November.  Click here to view the TVC. We are also supporting exporter activity in this market through the contestable fund.  Japan A media launch at the New Zealand Embassy in Tokyo will happen on 1 October.  This will include 50-60 media and 15-20 trade at a 2 hour event.  The Ambassador Mark Sinclair will address our guests followed by a presentation from NZ Avocado CEO Jen Scoular amount our industry, how our avocados are grown and the benefit of New Zealand grown avocados.  Media will then enjoy an avocado lunch showing the versatility, presentation and taste of avocados and receive a media kit with a media release, recipe book and facts about avocados.  During this event we will also run a "selfie" competition when attendees can take a "selfie" in front of a banner showing a New Zealand landscape with avocado orchards in the background.  They can then post this social media and use a unique hashtag to go in the draw to win a prize pack. Sampling events will also take place at a high profile deli throughout the season and will link to a social media competition that encourages purchase and usage. Singapore The National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign (NHLC) is an annual campaign organised by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to promote a nation of healthy and happy people. NHLC 2014 carries the theme of "Healthy Living Everyday". This year’s campaign is aligned to the vision of the Healthy Living Master Plan, which is to provide Singaporeans with greater accessibility to healthier options so that everyone can embrace Healthy Living, Every day. Nadia Lim will attend this event. We are also supporting exporter activity in this market through the contestable fund.  Korea We are developing a local language website in Korea to provide a point of reference for first time consumers. The website will provide information on how to choose/ripen/eat avocados. We are also translating a number of retail education resources.  This activity will support the exporter activity we are supporting through the contestable fund.  India A media reception will take place 10 October at the high commission in New Delhi India. The event will feature an address from the High Commissioner and from Tony Ponder as Vice Chair of NZAGA and AIC. Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur will also demonstrate avocado and present on their benefits. Attendees to this event will be chefs from the big brand hotels, NZTE and MFAT guests and also media. NZ Avocado also assisting exporter activity in this market.

New Zealand Avocado Launches New Campaign at Largest Fresh Produce Trade Show in Asia

TAURANGA, Thursday 4th September 2014 : New Zealand’s avocado industry will launch its new export market promotional material at Asia’s leading fresh fruit and vegetable trade show Asia Fruit Logistica (AFL) this week in Hong Kong. Jen Scoular, Chief Executive of New Zealand Avocado, says the new marketing collateral positions New Zealand avocado as a premium product promoting quality, safety and health. "The unique property of New Zealand grown avocados that we will promote in Asia is time. New Zealand grown avocados hang on the tree for much longer than in other producing countries - at least a year, during this time they are fed by the generous rainfall and sunshine all the while being nurtured by our dedicated growers,” says Scoular.  This is the first time New Zealand Avocado has represented the industry at AFL and is one of 460 exhibitors. Exhibitors from 38 countries will be showcasing their produce. New Zealand Avocado will exhibit within the New Zealand Pavilion along with 12 other companies including Zespri, Plant & Food Research and avocado exporters JP Exports and Te Mata exports. Scoular says New Zealand aims to become the avocado supplier of choice in Asian markets and a successful showcase at Asia Fruit Logistica will help raise awareness among buyers, suppliers and service providers across the fast-growing region. Another New Zealand avocado exporter AVANZA will also be at the show with their commercial partner Mission Produce USA. New Zealand’s avocado industry more than doubled its sales to $136m, setting new records in both export and the New Zealand market. This stunning return eclipses the previous sales record of $84.1m set in 2009-10 and is far in excess of the $60.4m worth of avocados sold last year. Scoular has also been invited to deliver a speech at the Asiafruit Business Forum, a set of seminars/discussions held as part of Logistica event. Scoular will speak about how culinary inspiration is driving NZ Avocado’s marketing efforts. "We’ve considerably raised visibility of avocados by using avocado ambassador Nadia Lim to promote the delicious taste and amazing health attributes of New Zealand avocados. Nadia is a nutritionist and Masterchef winner and enjoys showing people how to create delicious, nutritious meals using avocado as a key ingredient,” Scoular explains. New Zealand avocados are currently exported to Australia, USA, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and some activity has begun with India, but there is a lot of potential to increase sales further, particularly in Asia. "There’s growing demand for premium, safe, and healthy produce. We are positioning our industry to take advantage of that by emphasising how New Zealand avocados are grown in a pristine environment. We’re also collaborating with packers and exporters to improve our supply chain to ensure our avocados are delivered to Asian consumers in top condition.” Earlier this year New Zealand Avocado announced a new five year partnership with the Ministry for Primary Industries under its Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) to increase productivity and industry capability. The new PGP programme called ‘New Zealand Avocados Go Global’ aims to equip the industry with the tools to triple productivity to 12 tonnes per hectare and quadruple industry returns to $280 million by 2023. "Increasing our exports to Asia is a big part of that, and that’s why our new campaign launch at the Asia Fruit Logistica trade fair is so important,” Scoular says. "Our PGP programme is designed to help us deliver a consistent supply of premium avocados from one year to the next. We now have to connect with trade and consumers in Asia and show them why our fruit is worth buying.” Scoular says avocados are a unique and delicious fruit – they’re nutrient dense and contain the good fats needed to help maintain a healthy heart. Avocados are also great for healthy skin, promoting beauty from the inside out.  Record visitor numbers are expected at this year’s Asia Fruit Logistica event, with organisers expecting some 7000 trade buyers and visitors from more than 60 different countries to attend. About New Zealand Avocado Avocados are the third-largest fresh fruit export from New Zealand. New Zealand Avocado works with the New Zealand industry to set export standards, facilitate market access, promote avocados from New Zealand and provide technical information to all New Zealand growers, of which there are more than 1600, based mainly in the Bay of Plenty and Northland. www.nzavocado.co.nz/industry/ About the PGP: The PGP aims to boost the productivity and profitability of our primary sector through investment between government and industry. It provides an essential springboard to enable New Zealand to stay at the forefront of primary sector innovation. PGP programmes are generally long-run programmes of five to seven years’ duration and are subject to oversight and monitoring by an independent panel (the Investment Advisory Panel) and MPI. There are 18 announced programmes covering the breadth of the primary industry sectors: wool, dairy, fishing and aquaculture, meat, pastoral, bee keeping, forestry, viticulture and horticulture. Monitoring requirements for PGP programmes include programme steering groups, quarterly progress reporting, annual plans, audits, and progress reviews, along with evaluation of the overall programme. Funding is only released to programmes on receipt of invoices for work completed in accordance with programme plans. -ENDS- For media assistance, please contact: Midge Munro Communications Manager, Avocado Industry Council 027 306 7089 midge.munro@nzavocado.co.nz                                                              Bridgette Paton-Tapsell  Village Public Relations | Marketing          64 7 572 1608                                                 b@villagenz.com

KPMG case study on the New Zealand avocado industry

Case study on New Zealand avocado industry by KPMG as published in KPMG Agribusiness Agenda 2014 - Vol 1.

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