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Quality Standards 2015 Submissions feedback welcome

The Quality Standards submissions discussion document is now loaded onto the industry website along with the submissions. All stakeholders are welcome to provide feedback to Edwina at the NZ Avocado office edwina.aithchison@nzavocado.co.nz by Monday, 13 April 2015. Click here to review all documents.

Grower vote supports the avocado industry signing the GIA Deed

New Zealand’s avocado growers have supported their industry Board’s proposal to sign the Government Industry Agreement Deed and establish a Biosecurity Act levy, following a voting process which concluded on 31 March. The result comes after the NZAGA Executive & AIC Ltd Board unanimously recommended that signing the GIA Deed was in the best interests of the industry. "We have a duty of care to ensure the necessary levels of protection are in place to mitigate industry risk while minimising industry costs. Working with the Government will enable us to deliver the best biosecurity outcomes that we can for the New Zealand avocado industry,” says NZAGA & AIC Chair Ashby Whitehead. Following the positive result from the voting process, the avocado industry will prepare an application to the Minister for Primary Industries seeking his agreement that we have a mandate to represent the industry and can, therefore, sign the Deed. "Signing the GIA Deed will give our industry the opportunity to influence how our industry is impacted in the event of a biosecurity response, and influence readiness activity,” says NZ Avocado CEO Jen Scoular. The industry has already been involved in discussions on the development of an operational agreement for fruit fly.  If the application for mandate to sign the GIA Deed is agreed, NZ Avocado will work closely with MPI to develop appropriate plans that specifically focus on the needs of the avocado industry. Voting result For: 2,500 - 87% Against: 369 - 13%

NZAGA Rule change supported

Following discussion by the NZAGA Board on the membership of the Executive, it was resolved that the NZAGA go to a postal vote to seek grower support for a rule change in the NZAGA Rules for the reduction of two At Large Rep's and the addition of two extra BOP Rep's to achieve 1 Far North, 2 Mid North, 3 BOP and 2 At Large representation. Further to this, in order to ensure all growers have a voice, the BOP constituency will be extended to include Rest of NZ, so will become BOP/Rest of NZ. This ensures that a grower from Rest of NZ is able to stand and be elected to the Executive, and would fill a BOP/RoNZ seat. The voting process concluded on 31 March with growers voting to support this change. As a result the following changes will take effect at the 2015 AGM - Executive representation will now consist of 1 Far North, 2 Mid North, 3 BOP and 2 At Large representatives.  • John Cotterell’s At Large position becomes a BOP/RoNZ position • John Schnackenberg’s At Large position becomes a BOP/RoNZ position • David French’s Rest of NZ position becomes an At Large position • Roger Barber’s At Large position becomes a Mid North position Voting result For: 2,828 - 98% Against: 70 - 2%

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Upcoming Events

8th World Avocado Congress

10:00 AM, 13 September 2015

The 8th World Avocado congress will be held in Lima,  Perú from the 13th to 18th of September 2015. The Scientific committee invites you to participate in this event and prepare your research works and submit your abstracts at your convenience. http://www.wacperu2015.com/  If you need more details please do not hesitate to contact the Scientific committee comitecientifico@wacperu2015.com 

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