New Zealand 2023 

The World Avocado Congress (WAC) will provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience new adventures, new opportunities and new perspectives in New Zealand.

Learn about our passion for inspiring healthy life – our growing avocado industry focuses on healthy grower returns, healthy environments and healthy avocado communities.

Experience adventure, excitement and vibrancy – a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit New Zealand


Tiaki promise – the commitment of New Zealand to care for people and place – for now and for future generations

Our growing industry focuses on economic sustainability, care for the environment and commitment to the people working in the industry.

We grow avocados responsibly, in plentiful rainfall and with some of the strongest on-orchard and supply chain systems in the world.


New Zealand offers exciting experiences – jet boating, rafting, luge, bungy jumping, sky diving and much more, all in outstanding locations across our island nation

Feel the natural rush of Pure New Zealand – the landscapes, mountains, beaches and water

Experience our unique Maori culture – feel the hongi, hear our waiata (song), witness the haka, take in the tradition

We are ready

New Zealand is ready and able to host an international avocado congress, with grower tours in both New Zealand and Australia.

New Zealand is ready to champion the global avocado industry. The world’s media would see initiatives to support the communities, environment and economies impacted by growing avocados. We would demonstrate our growing practices, food safety and quality systems, and ethical treatment of growers and communities that live in our avocado growing regions.

New Zealand’s amazing unspoiled landscapes, reputation for openness, fairness and equality, and a commitment to care for the land and people, provides an ideal environment for the global avocado industry to share its values with consumers and media around the world.

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