EMS review 2019

What is the EMS?

The Export Marketing Strategy (EMS) details the rules for growers, packers and exporters who are exporting avocados from New Zealand.  Each year, all growers, packers and exporters can request changes to the EMS via submission.

Submissions are reviewed by the EMS Consultative Group, which includes grower, packer and exporter representatives.  Following each EMS Consultative Group meeting, the outcomes are posted on the website and feedback is called for, from all stakeholders. 

Accepted recommendations are included in the 2019-20 EMS.


As part of the annual review of the Export Marketing Strategy (EMS), we are now asking for your submissions.  Submissions must be sent to Edwina at edwina.withington@nzavocado.co.nz  by 22 February 2019 for consideration in the 2019-20 EMS.

Please use the submission form by clicking here.  To view the current EMS, click here


EMS submission form 199.28 KB 1 downloads


EMS process timeline

22 February 2019 – Grower, packer, exporter submissions due

28 February 2019 – EMS Consultative group meeting (1)

5 March 2019 – Discussion document loaded onto website with submissions – call for feedback

27 March 2019 – EMS Consultative group meeting (2)

4 April 2019 – Discussion document loaded onto website – call for further feedback

2 May 2019 – Board meeting – approve EMS

May 2019 – HEA Board – approve EMS

Late May 2019 – EMS loaded onto website and distributed for Exporter and Packer contracts