December 2020 Blog

By Jen Scoular

It is with pleasure I write about the appointment of Linda Flegg as Chair of the NZ Avocado Growers’ Association Inc. (NZAGA) and its operating entity, NZ Avocado Industry Ltd.

Linda hails from a horticulture background in avocados and kiwifruit. She is the Director of Morris Moore Farms, which owns orchards and post-harvest company Kauripak. Linda becomes the industry’s first female chair and is joined on the board by three fellow female Directors and a female CEO. In an industry where women own 50% of orchards, it is great to have women step up into leadership roles.

Linda was elected to NZAGA as a grower representative in 2017 and has served as Vice Chair since 2018. Our industry has a wonderful number of opportunities ahead but also a number of challenges. Linda will need to lead the board and management team to optimise investment in the avocado industry.

I certainly look forward to the steerage of industry strategy by Linda, and of optimising those opportunities. Right now logistics challenges across both sea and air freight are playing havoc with getting avocados to export markets but it’s also making the industry look at more collaborative ways to mitigate these challenges. Covid makes everything just that little bit for difficult.

I am certainly looking forward to a bit of a break over Christmas, although we will still be picking, packing and shipping through to February.

Merry Christmas to all our readers.

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