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What is a PPIN?

Persea Property Identification Number (PPIN). 
This PPIN is used for traceability purposes and to keep historical data about your orchard. It is also required for use in voting processes at NZAGA annual general meetings, special general meetings and any industry postal ballots such as the election of regional Grower representatives and the six yearly renewal of the Commodity Levy order on avocados.
There is a one-off charge for this PIN which is currently $70+GST. To apply for a PPIN please visit our membership information page here

How is the PPIN Number Assigned?

The PPIN is a four digit number that is unique to a property as defined by its valuation number. A fifth digit will be added to indicate the grower/supplier of the fruit from the property, as this may be different from the owner.

What if I have multiple orchards?

If you have multiple valuation numbers, then a unique PPIN will be randomly assigned to each valuation number.

What if I sell my property - or buy another one?

As the PPIN is land based regardless of ownership, the PPIN remains with the property.

What happens if I subdivide my property?

When a property is subdivided and sold, a new valuation number is assigned to each portion of the property. The existing valuation number and PPIN remain with a smaller portion of the original property and each new valuation number will be randomly allocated another PPIN.