Avo update – May

Protocols for windfall avocados

Very high winds were experienced in some growing regions earlier this week. If your orchard has suffered storm damage, the Storm Damage Decision Guide along with videos on how to manage storm damaged trees can be accessed here. Videos include:

Harvesting avocados off the ground for sale as fresh fruit is a breach of industry food safety protocols. The EMS requirement for export and best practice for the New Zealand market is that fruit which has come in contact with an uncovered ground surface must not be packed for sale as fresh fruit. Quality issues can quickly erode turnover of fruit at retail and consequently diminish the value returned to growers. Added to this, any windfall fruit at this time of year is likely to be immature. If you see any avocados for sale that you suspect to be windfall, please contact NZ Avocado.

Some windfall fruit may be usable in processing for oil and other processed avocado products. If you have questions about windfall fruit on your orchard please contact your pack house for advice on options for this fruit.