The New Zealand avocado industry review 2020

An industry structure and governance review is taking place in 2020 and is currently underway. 

The purpose of the review is to engage New Zealand avocado industry members/stakeholders to consider whether the industry is set up in a way to support and enhance their investment in avocados, and whether the structures are in place across the New Zealand avocado industry to enable growers and other avocado businesses to enhance value, and optimise outcomes.

The review to date has included interviews with 40 growers and other industry stakeholders, and a survey of industry participants.

Please see project documents below for more information about the review process, emerging themes and a summary of grower discussion from Northland and Bay of Plenty workshop events.

Industry review summary to date – December 2020
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Industry review 03/12/2020
Grower discussion workshop summary – Bay of Plenty
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Industry review 25/11/2020
Grower discussion workshop summary – Northland
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Industry review 25/11/2020
Industry review themes
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Industry review 05/11/2020
NZ Avocado intent map
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Industry review 23/09/2020
Project Overview
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Industry review 29/09/2020
Interview process overview
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Industry review 23/09/2020