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Storm damage

Storm damage decision guide

Based on knowledge from growers that have experienced several severe storms, a "Storm Damage Decision Guide” has been developed. The guide explains how to assess damaged trees and what to do with them to minimise the effects on orchard productivity. The strategy and goals of each individual orchard will of course need to be factored into any final decisions. See the guide in the resources section below along with videos showing the outcome of discussion with growers on how to assess and manage storm damaged avocado trees.

We would like your feedback on the guide to make it relevant, as comprehensive as possible, and easy to use. We would also like to hear about your success with mitigating storm damage using shelter management, increased drainage, pruning, or any other method.Please contact info@nzavocado.co.nz for any feedback.

Development of the Decision Guide involved growers that have experienced several severe storms visiting a damaged orchard in Whangarei in 2014 and discussing what they would do when presented with different situations.

NZ Avocado would like to acknowledge John Wiessing, Dave Alderton, Mark West and Sue Culham for the time they spent with us at the orchard and the effort made to create this information.

New Zealand Avocado
Storm damage decision guide for avocados

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VIDEO: Pruning a windblown avocado pollinizer tree

New Zealand Avocado
VIDEO: Pruning a split avocado tree

New Zealand Avocado
VIDEO: Dealing with avocados on the ground after a storm

New Zealand Avocado
VIDEO: Recovery of small avocado trees after storm damage

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