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Primary Growth Partnership (PGP)

The New Zealand Avocado Primary Growth Partnership is a five year programme that aims to transform New Zealands avocado industry from reliance on one market to a globally competitive, high-value, sustainable export industry with a dynamic market in New Zealand.  The Go Global vision is that by 2023 an integrated New Zealand avocado industry delivers NZ$ 280m annually in net sales and productivity has tripled to 12 tonnes per hectare.  

An independent review of the NZ Avocado Go Global PGP programme has acknowledged the major contribution the programme has made to the industry. Completed by Vantage Consulting in December 2016 the report confirmed that the additional leverage provided by PGP investment has facilitated important steps for industry research and collaboration.

A copy of the review can be found here: https://www.mpi.govt.nz/document-vault/16618

PGP Quarterly Executive Summary: OCT - DEC 2014

The second quarter for the 'Go Global' programme with all activities progressing as planned.

Download > Public_Summary_Q2_2014.pdf   (551.39 Kb, 18 May '15)
NZ Avocado Go Global PGP Programme Summary

Two page summary of NZ Avocado PGP programme

Download > Go_Global_A4.pdf   (1.31 Mb, 24 Nov '14)
PGP Quarterly Executive Summary: JUN - SEPT 2014

The first quarter for the ‘Go Global’ programme with all activities progressing as planned.

Download > Public_Summary_Q1_2014.pdf   (369.54 Kb, 24 Nov '14)
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