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NZAGA Executive Committee and Board

Nominations are now being invited for the NZ Avocado Growers’ Association Inc. Executive Committee and the Board of Avocado Industry Council Limited.

Please submit your nominations to NZ Avocado on or before 21 June 2017.

At the 2017 Annual General Meeting the term of office is complete for three representatives and three vacancies exist. Listed below are the regions and regional representatives who have completed their term of office or otherwise.

At Large: 1 seat vacant and requiring representation

Tony Ponder - term complete, available for re-election

Far North: 1 seat vacant and requiring representation
Alistair Nicholson - term complete, available for re-election 

BOP/Rest of NZ: 1 seat vacant and requiring representation
Ashby Whitehead - resigned effective 2017 AGM, not available for re-election. 
The new Representative will be appointed for 3 years to maintain the rotation as detailed in the NZAGA Rules. 

Ashby Whitehead and your local reps are happy to chat about the role on the Board. It is important that the grower voice is heard and that growers participate in the direction of the industry. We urge you to consider the role, or consider who in your region would represent you well.

To download the required nomination forms, please see below and for any queries please call Edwina Aitchison 07 571 6147.


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