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Grower vote supports the avocado industry signing the GIA Deed

New Zealand's avocado growers have supported their industry Board's proposal to sign the Government Industry Agreement Deed and establish a Biosecurity Act levy, following a voting process which concluded on 31 March.

The result comes after the NZAGA Executive & AIC Ltd Board unanimously recommended that signing the GIA Deed was in the best interests of the industry.

"We have a duty of care to ensure the necessary levels of protection are in place to mitigate industry risk while minimising industry costs. Working with the Government will enable us to deliver the best biosecurity outcomes that we can for the New Zealand avocado industry," says NZAGA & AIC Chair Ashby Whitehead.

Following the positive result from the voting process, the avocado industry will prepare an application to the Minister for Primary Industries seeking his agreement that the industry has a mandate to represent the industry and can, therefore, sign the Deed.

"Signing the GIA Deed will give our industry the opportunity to influence how our industry is impacted in the event of a biosecurity response, and influence readiness activity," says NZ Avocado CEO Jen Scoular.

The industry has already been involved in discussions on the development of an operational agreement for fruit fly.  If the application for mandate to sign the GIA Deed is agreed, NZ Avocado will work closely with MPI to develop appropriate plans that specifically focus on the needs of the avocado industry.

Voting result

For: 2,500 - 87%
Against: 369 - 13%

Brad Siebert
GIA overview for avocado industry

Article published in the November 2014 issue of AvoScene

Download > GIA_article___AvoScene_November_Page_57___60.pdf   (451.42 Kb, 22 Jan '15)
Government Industry Agreement website

The website for the ‘GIA’ (Government Industry Agreements on Biosecurity) is now online and it features information around eligibility to sign the GIA Deed, the development of the agreement and the importance of biosecurity to New Zealand and horticulture.

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GIA Presentation

Download > GIA_presentation.pdf   (914.91 Kb, 21 Nov '14)
Kiwifruit Vine Health information sheet on GIA

A summary of what GIA means for the Kiwifruit industry with general information relevent to all horticulture sectors.

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QAs Final Deed

Download > QAs_Final_Deed.docx   (58.83 Kb, 28 Aug '13)
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