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Commodity Levy

"The Commodity Levy structure is important to maintaining grower influence over the future of the avocado industry and enables the organisation to have a strong grower voice."

Ashby Whitehead

As the growers' representative body for New Zealand avocado growers the NZAGA undertakes industry activities, such as research and development, food safety programmes and promotion on behalf of our growers. Currently NZAGA collects a compulsory levy on the sale of local market and export avocados to fund industry activities. This levy is collected under the auspices of the Commodity Levies Act 1990.

The Commodity Levies Act was introduced in 1990. The Act's principal role is to provide a method to fund primary industry activities. Under strict rules industry groups can elect to impose upon themselves a levy with legal backing. The Act requires the industry to consult with the potential levy payers and conduct a referendum every six years to determine if there is grower support for the levy. 

Commodity Levies (Avocados) Order 2013

Following the successful result of the 2012 Commodity Levy referendum, the new Commodity Levies (Avocados) Order 2013 came into force on 11 July, 2013.

Click here to download a copy of the Commodity Levies (Avocados) Order 2013.

As per the new Commodity Levies (Avocados) Order 2013, the rates for the first levy year apply from 11 July 2013.

Current Levy Rates

For current levy rates please click here

The levy order sets the maximum rates however the actual rate may be set at a lower rate at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year. So as levy payers, you will continue to have your say on the levy rates on an annual basis via the AGM process, irrespective of whether you are a member of the NZAGA.

Under the Commodity Levies (Avocados) Order 2013, the maximum levy rate for avocados sold in New Zealand as fresh fruit is 3% and the maximum levy rate for export avocados is 50 cents per export tray.

CLICK HERE to download a Commodity Levy form for avocados grown and sold in New Zealand for consumption as fresh fruit

2012 Commodity Levy Referendum

Commodity Levy Roadshow Presentation

Click here to view a slide show of the Commodity Levy Roadshow Presentation.

Commodity Levy Roadshow Video

Click the links below to view the Commodity Levy Roadshow video

Commodity Levy Roadshow Video - Part 1
Commodity Levy Roadshow Video - Part 2
Commodity Levy Roadshow Video - Part 3
Commodity Levy Roadshow Video - Part 4
Commodity Levy Roadshow Video - Part 5

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