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Board Members

Ashby Whitehead

NZAGA & AIC Chairman and Bay of Plenty Representative

Following many years in the engineering industry, Ashby along with his wife Linda, purchased an orchard in Te Puke in1991 converting half to avocados in 1996. He has been on the NZAGA Executive representing Bay of Plenty since 2006. Ashby sits on the Finance committee.

Email alwhitehead@xtra.co.nz | Mobile 027 28 321 92 |

Tony Ponder

NZAGA & AIC Vice Chairman and NZAGA At Large Representative

Tony has been a Director and Vice Chairman of the AIC since 2005. He is also a member of the EMS, Grade standards, Promotions and Finance committees.

Email tony@flaxmillavocado.co.nz | Mobile 0274 733 712 |

Roger Barber

AIC Director & At Large Representative

Roger has had active involvement in the avocado industry for nearly 30 years, holding significant agricultural and horticultural science research posts within New Zealand.

Email barbers@ihug.co.nz | Phone 09 435 0785 |

John Cotterell

AIC Director & NZAGA At Large Representative

John became At Large rep in 2011. In 1998 John and wife Cindy brought their 8.5ha avocado orchard in Katikati. They manage the orchard, spraying, picking & applying most inputs themselves.

Email john@southernproduce.co.nz | Mobile 027 451 3138 |

Andrew Darling

AIC Exporter Director

Andrew has over 30 years’ experience in ownership and management in New Zealand Horticultural companies. In his role as Managing Director of Darling Group, he is involved across the avocado industry supply chain as a grower involved in over 40ha of avocados, as a harvester, packer and exporter through Just Avocados, and as a wholesaler through Brisbane based JH Leavy & Co and also through a shareholding in New Zealand market wholesaler Zeafruit. Andrew is the current Chair of AVEC, the Avocado Exporters Council Inc.

Email andrew@darlinggroup.co.nz | Mobile 021 497 666 |

Dave Flett

NZAGA Bay of Plenty Representative & AIC Director

Dave purchased his avocado orchard 5 years ago, and is known more recently for his development of closely planted clonals in the Bay of Plenty. Dave has a keen interest and valuable background in sales and marketing.

Email dave.flett@yahoo.co.nz | Mobile 027 555 4420 |

John Dawson

NZAGA Mid-North Representative & AIC Director

John and his wife Paula reside in Mangawhai on an orchard with 1,000 avocado trees and are in their seventh season of production. Alongside this more recent focus, John has spent the last 30 years advising in areas of marketing and communications.

Email johnd@cooee.co.nz | Mobile 021 724 900 |

Annmarie Lee

AIC Exporter Director

Annmarie is the Brand and Corporate Marketing Manager for Seeka and has worked in the horticulture industry for over 30 years in many different areas of the supply chain - from growing to marketing.

Email AnnmarieL@seeka.co.nz | Mobile 021 766 244 |

Linda Flegg

NZAGA At Large Representative & AIC Director

Linda has grown up with avocado orcharding and is a director of the orchard and post-harvest company Morris Moore Farms of Katikati.

Email linda@kauripak.co.nz | Phone 07 549 1047 | Mobile 021 458 782 |

Alistair Nicholson

NZAGA Far North Representative & AIC Director

Alistair and his wife Alison own a 22 hectare avocado orchard near Whangarei but currently reside in Queenstown. The couple have also invested in a further two orchards, resulting in them having nearly 120 hectares of avocados under cultivation.

Email anicholson@vulpesinvest.com | Mobile 021 946 391 |

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