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NZAGA Executive

There are eight NZAGA Executive members who are elected by grower members and tasked with the governance of their industry. NZAGA Executive members represent a particular region of growers (Far North, Mid North, Bay of Plenty/Rest of New Zealand and At Large). The NZAGA Executive members are also directors on the AIC Board.

AIC Board

The industry is managed through AIC with all elected NZAGA executive members joining the AIC Board as directors alongside the two exporter directors (who are elected to this post by the Avocado Exporters Council AVEC). Growers retain control on this Board through their 8:2 representation.


AIC is the Recognised Product Group ("RPG") whose responsibilities are delegated to a committee of AIC and the RPG committee. This committee is responsible for the EMS and HEA issues on behalf of AIC. This committee is made up of 4 NZAGA Executive members appointed by NZAGA representatives from amongst themselves plus the two export directors. That committee remains controlled by growers.

Responsibilities of AIC Board

NZAGA and AIC are separate entities; however their activities are largely merged and thus the duties of the NZAGA Exec. and AIC Boards to both entities from a governance perspective are the same.

The NZAGA Exec. and AIC Boards are responsible for the governance of the industry and these duties include:

  • Governing the organisations by establishing broad policies and objectives;
  • the development (and periodic review) of the Vision and the strategy to deliver on the objectives of NZAGA/AIC and the;
  • selecting, appointing, supporting and reviewing the performance of the CEO;
  • ensuring the financial stability and the availability of adequate resources;
  • approving annual business plans and budgets;
  • accounting to stakeholders for the organisations performance.
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